What's with this 'Zentangle®' Thingee??

original tile .jpg

So tell me what you would do if you actually took time to slow down in your life?  What if you left Facebook and Twitter and Pintrest and all the rest for a while?  What if you abandoned the 'Hamster on the Wheel of Life' that your mind is for long enough to have everything come into sharp focus in the Present Moment?  What would happen?  What would you be doing? Could you do it? Could you do nothing?


We are creatures living in a culture that demands that every single moment of everyday be filled to overflowing with activity and responsibility and on and on and on..........

Well....I would like to propose that you consider that you could 'DO' something and at the same time be intentional and creative and focused on ONE thing.

Zentangle® is a method of moving meditation that was developed by founders Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas. The method is NOT doodling! The method is intentional and designed to provide a 'One stroke at a time' way to slow down, focus, breathe and create a beautiful piece of art in the process.


If you can hold a pen....draw an: I S C O and a 'dot'....then you can Zentangle®.

Zentangle is a total "NO Mistake' zone. We don't use erasers, just a pen, pencil and paper. (official Zentangle® paper is called a 'tile' and is 3.5"x3.5" and made from a fine Italian paper by Fabriano)

I personally found this method when circumstances in my life were completely chaotic and out of my immediate control.  One night I sat with my journal and intended to write to relieve some of the tension I was feeling. I ended up doodling. All my doodles look the same....little boxes and spirals. I felt there must be some other options but my mind could not find any so I 'Googled' for 'Doodle Patterns'.  Up popped Zentangle® and the images I saw made my eyes pop with joy! Intricate, delicate, enchanting drawings appeared and I was willing to follow them down whatever rabbit hole they lead me!  I attempted to duplicate what I saw, but my early efforts left me frustrated, since I did not understand the method. I searched for a teacher in my area without success and in October of 2013 I flew to Providence, R.I. and learned from Rick and Maria. At the end of the course I became a CZT (certified Zentangle® teacher) and though I had not intended to, I began teaching.  I thought, "If this helped me so much, then there must certainly benefits for others."  

Since its beginning, Zentangle has been recognized as being of benefit to children with ADHD and anger management issues. It helps those with Parkinson's improve their fine motor skills. It has helped those with depression and anxiety. Countless stories pour into the Zentangle® Headquarters. A recent article in Psychology Today, addresses the benefits of Zentangle® Method. Google 'creative trends in America' and the fifth hit down says, "Get A 'Zentangle': Shutterstock's 2015 Creative Trends Data Released".  

It has become a Global Trend....CZTs are teaching around the world....

It is for children, but it is for adults.   My youngest student has been 8 years old and the oldest was 93...so far.  Let me teach you!

Give Zentangle® a try and challenge your ideas about whether you are creative or not....slow yourself down...have some fun, give yourself some 'Me Time' and embrace the opportunity to create beauty.  

"Anything is possible one stroke at a time!"


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