It's a Brand New Day!

So here I am.... creating something new in my life. 

One of my many teachers told me that I am a 'Seeker'.  That feels accurate to me.  I am a seeker in the way that the Sufis perceive that word. It is a journey that symbolically turns towards the truth, grows through love, abandons the ego, finds the truth, and arrives at connection with the Divine and endeavors to use that wisdom to be of service to the Whole of creation.

What I want to offer to you is a chance to reach in and find your own truth. 

I'm offering Zentangle® classes (of ALL sorts) for creative expression, stress relief, meditation.  I can tell you that it was better for me than the anti anxiety drugs I was tempted to take when life turned up the fire AND I ended up with a great sense of accomplishment.   

Also, Improvisation in Voice/Voice Mentoring

Now I know that voice is an area that elicits fear from many people.  In fact, I think I could make a business just helping people get in touch with their voices on a deeper level to improve basic communication skills. Our speaking voices are a reflection of the stressors that are affecting us. With vocal mentoring and singing improv (spontaneous, textless, created in the moment), you can free parts of yourself that are otherwise hidden. You can learn to trust your voice and express yourself with more confidence and personal power. 

Guided Meditation....

Guided Meditation is a tool of great power.  Gentle guidance allows you to sink deeply into a meditative state and quite the noisy Monkey Mind that wants our attention always.   I can create a guided meditation that is personalized to your needs, giving you back your calm and leaving you deeply relaxed.

Finally - I have created a 9 month program that I call Creative Journeying. 

Using tools from Shamanic Journey methods, Zentangle®, Guided Meditation, Movement Exercises and Art Journaling I can guide you through a process that will leave you in touch with the deeper desires for connection and sense of purpose giving you ways to make "Me Time" into a meaningful and satisfying experience. 

In the program you will meet with me face to face (Skype options also available) once a month and we will have weekly check in via email, phone or Skype to present new questions and have time to process.  

So that's the bare bones.... 

Come take a journey inward with me. 


Next time: "Interviews with Patti"